Spring Trends for that IVF Bodacious Body (Dress Edition)


  • Women drugged out of their brains and bloated

My newest cocktail of meds is wreaking havoc on my body in a whole new way, YIPPEE! I was switched from Endometrin to Crinone. I have felt like a slug in the past but Crinone comes with a whole new slew of delightful side effects. Headaches, intensive cramping, increased urination, and of course bloating.. these are just the tip of the iceberg. Nothing makes ya feel better about life than your stomach looking 5 months pregnant when you are not.

With spring around the corner and my anxiety in full force, clothes that make me forget I am bloated have been on my mind. Plus, looking at spring clothes is just simply exciting.

I bring to you a few options that will hide whatever is happening to your body and make ya feel fly. The majority of these items were tried on while in full bloat, thus they are bloat approved.

(Click on images to shop the look)






4 thoughts on “Spring Trends for that IVF Bodacious Body (Dress Edition)

  1. YUS! Thanks gal. I look like I just chugged a kegger…day 9 of injections and ready for the big trig tonight. Love this and your advice and guidance! Can we add fleece onesies to this list too? I’m not too proud to go out in that thang (the mailman has seen me in this 9 consecutive days:) xo!


    1. YESSS ONESIES! Every time I go for a procedure I look like a bag lady while others look so put together and I always think, “Did I miss something?”


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