This blog is a long time coming. Here’s what ya need to know:

I am infertile… or so we think…

So why a blog you may ask? Throughout my infertility process I have been shocked by the number of women who experience infertility but do not talk about it publicly or to their own social circles. It’s a lonely and scary experience, lacking a community makes it harder. 6.7 MILLION (11% of women) experience infertility and yet its a point of shame. Its time to speak up sisters! It is not shocking that once again, something revolved around women’s bodies and health is a point of discomfort. Women are taught that their worth is within their ability to mother while simultaneously taught to be ashamed of their bodies. And let’s be honest, the dead stare people give you when you tell them what you are doing doesn’t motivate you to want to share. Being a woman is a tough space to navigate when you are feeling 100%, its even harder when you are on insane amounts of hormones. And so I have created this space to laugh, cry, and figure out how to navigate the messy world of infertility alongside you.

To be clear, this blog is to not to chart my day-to-day (I can sum that up with cry-doctor appointment- laugh-cry-surgey-doctor appoint-repeat). It is a space to support one another. While this blog is not about personal woes,  I do think it’s pertinent to share what led me to this point (read timeline page).


  • Guides to doctors visits
  • Explanations of procedures
  • Stories of IVF- the good, the bad, the ugly
  • Listographies (think Buzzfeed)
  • Fashion Posts
  • Health and Wellness Posts
  • Media reviews
  • Resources

and MORE!



I am a 29 year old entrepreneur (Mission Propelle), wife, friend and infertile girl. I live in Chicago with my pup, two cats and beauty of a husband. I love long walks (sort of, my toe is broken), improv, smart ladies, cooking, baking, and being honest. Learn more about me at http://www.sisteractnow.com