• December 2013- Cue voice in my head that said… its time, lets make babies! Tell husband, he says “DUH!” Decision made, case closed. (I was 27 at the time)
  • May 2014- Off BC
  • June 2014- No period
  • July 2014- No period
  • August 2014- No period… okay this is getting weird right? Turned 28
  • September 2014- No period… okay time to do something  (I always got my period before BC)
  • Late September 2014- Family friend works for a fertility doctor and suggests they check me out. I learn my uterus and ovaries have gone on vacation. No diagnosis, suspect PCOS, nothing confirmed.
  • October 2014- Prepped for IUI, body doesn’t respond to meds. On the last day of the cycle I begin to ovulate and they  go through with IUI.
  • November 2014- Negative test- not pregnant
  • December 2014- Prepped for IUI using stimulant shots since I didnt respond to the chlomide equivalent. BOOM! I really react to these meds, round is cancelled, not safe for me to have an IUI.- Devastated.
  • December 2014- Fast tracked to IVF, high risk for over-stimulation (too many follicles, ovaries can rupture). Big decisions to make.

MINDSET OCTOBER- DECEMBER: This can’t really be happening? This will be over soon!

  • January 2015- Start IVF meds (shots, etc.)
  • Early February 2015- Egg Retrieval #1- FAIL. Had over 20 follicles and the Dr. didn’t get one egg out. TRAUMATIZING.
  • Mid February 2015- Switch doctors, feel a sense hope.- Diagnosed with “Unexplained Infertility” <—BOO!
  • Late February 2015- HSN reveals scar tissue, have a hysteroscopy to remove.
  • March 2015- Egg Retrieval #2- UTTER SUCCESS!! 48 Follicles, 24 eggs retrieved, 6 beautiful Day 6 Embryos.– Starting to feel hope again.
  • April 2015- Transfer #1- FAIL- 1 embryo
  • May 2015- Transfer # 2- FAIL- 1 embryo
  • June 2015- Transfer #3- FAIL – 1 embryo
  • July 2015- Transfer #4- FAIL- 2 embryos- By this point I am a drugged out zombie who is a shell of a human. I have gained 25 lbs in about 5 months (despite eating 1250 calories of nutrient dense food (this was my normal before IVF) a day and working out 5 days a week), feel beyond terrible, and am devastated. I had defied the stats.


  • July 2015- Official start to our break, devised a new plan
  • August 2015- December 2015– Break with a plan to start in November. October rolled around and I wasn’t ready to start up again. I was feeling like myself and was not mentally ready for the meds.  While this break was terrifying to me initially, it was the best thing we could have done. I gained so much clarity and was able to create a timeline. ALSO NO PERIOD. Turned 29.
  • December 2015- Start prepping for retrieval

MINDSET DECEMBER: It is what it is! End is in sight. We will have a baby either through this next cycle or adoption.

  • January 2016- Retrieval #3– 24 eggs retrieved, 8 embryos  11 embryos (my doctor made a mistake and we just found out) made it to day 6. Put them in the ol’ freezer. (mild overstimulation- gained 9 lbs of fluid in 2 days)
  • February 2016- Retrieval #4 – 24 eggs retrieved, 6 embryos made it to day 6.
  • February 2016- PGD results come back- 7 out of 18 embryos are great.
  • January-February- check out different adoption agencies, decide which agency we will use if transfers dont work.
  • March 2016- Transfer #4- FAIL (2 genetically embryos transferred)
  • April 2016 – ERA test to check uterus reaction to progesterone.
  • May 2016- ERA test is back, need to be on progesterone one extra day. Transfer #5 scheduled.
  • DUE FEBRUARY 3rd 2017



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